Lenten Community Dinner Groups Forming

Lasting about 6 weeks, Lent is the season of the Christian year before Easter. During Lent, Christ invites us to ponder our own humanity as it relates to his ministry of sacrificial service and love. Traditionally, the season of Lent has been a time when Christians intentionally seek to live in greater reliance on God through shared spiritual disciplines of study, reflection, humility, and charity.

This Lenten season, in response to Christ’s invitation, Westminster is organizing dinner groups for individuals and families who desire to develop deeper, more authentic relationships with their neighbors and with God. These groups of 4-12 people will meet one evening each week during Lent (March 1 – April 11) for dinner, fellowship, reflection, and prayer. The exact schedule and location of the dinners will depend on the needs of each group’s individual members. Childcare needs will also be considered and accommodated.  

Please fill out this form if you or your family are interested in participating. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact the church office at 214-351-3251.

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9:45am - Bible Study
11:00am - Worship
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