Education at WPC

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), faith formation has always been one of the highest priorities of the church’s ministry.

The education ministry at WPC is comprehensive with opportunities for children and adults. The majority of our educational opportunities occur on Sunday morning, but others occur at various times during the week. Check our newsletter for more information.

The Twelve that Jesus Chose

WPC Adult Education
Sundays, April 29-May 20
9:45-10:45 a.m.

Led by Rev. Margaret Watkins

You are welcome to any or all sessions.

To study the lives of the Apostles is a bit like what we've been doing with the Hubble telescope—getting as close as we can to seeing these earliest galaxies. This was the big bang moment for Christianity, with the Apostles blasting out of Jerusalem and scattering across the known world.

- Columba Stewart, a Benedictine monk and historian?at Saint John's Abbey in Minnesota?

This four-week class will offer new insights from history and archaeology, beginning with the political situation in Galilee where the first apostles were called, outlining their roles in the spreading of the Gospel, and closing with an overview of the legends and writings associated with them.?


9:45am - Bible Study
11:00am - Worship
Mon - Thur 8:30am to 4:00pm
8200 Devonshire Drive
Dallas, TX 75209