WPC’s Adult Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:45 am in Room 102.


Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School Class will kick off the new season on September 11 at 9:45AM with a new study reviewing the Hebrew Bible. Titled "Invitation to the Old Testament" we have eight weeks to hit the high spots of OT history and literature.

Instead of one video per class, we now have two. Lectured by several professors from the University of South Carolina, the first is a discussion of the narrative lesson and the second is an explanation of the sources of that material such as the Dead Sea Scrolls or other archaeological finds.

Amid all of this we will discuss how to interpret OT stories and evaluate the importance of crucial historical events such as the Exodus and the Exile.

Rev. Powers will direct the curriculum assisted by class members who volunteer to monitor the management of each session. Come and join in! We will have a good time together!


9:45am - Bible Study
11:00am - Worship
Mon - Thur 8:30am to 4:00pm
8200 Devonshire Drive
Dallas, TX 75209