Enrollment spaces are available in our Fours and Kindergarten classes for the 2021-2022 year. Please contact the school office for information.

Tours are offered during the months of October, November and January. Please check back in September for dates and times.

After a tour, a child can be wait listed for potential enrollment for the next year. Current families register in February. Church members, and then siblings have next priority.

The school accepts children who we feel will have successful experiences in the program. Families must maintain contact with the school each January to keep their name active on the wait list.

WPPK  does not administer any standardized testing as part of the application or admission process or throughout a child’s enrollment at the school.

Each spring,  scholarship applications are available to families who wish to apply. The scholarship Committee will review each application request and decisions are made by May for the following year. Applications are available through the school office upon request. Please call the WPPK office at at (214) 350-6155.

Wait List Contact
All families must maintain contact with the school each January 1 - 15 to keep a child’s name active on the wait list.  Contact may be made by email or phone.  Families who have not kept in contact with the school are moved to the inactive file.


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